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  • Jumbo Max! Golf Etc is Bermuda's Exclusive Distributor

    Jumbo Max!! Golf Etc is Bermuda's Exclusive Dealer.

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Get consistent! The right shaft does it.

OK. You have been playing regular golf and your scores still are not coming down. You are not hitting as many fairways as you would like and your iron play is very inconsistent. Think it’s your swing? Think again. It’s time to get your equipment checked. Look at Tiger Woods. Tiger is having a tough time off the tee this year. Tiger has been used to playing a steel shafted driver at a 43 and one half inch length. The shorter length and heavier weight of the steel shaft fits his swing and makes him much more consistent. Whenever he goes to a longer, lighter shaft, he misses more fairways than he hits. It has been determined that the correct length, weight and flex in the golf shaft is the most important factor in distance, accuracy, and consistency.





Grips Deliver the Shot Sensation

Have you ever asked yourself what is the real purpose of the golf grip? To keep your hands from slipping? While this may be some of it, we believe the best grip choice is the one that fits and delivers the best feel of the shot to your hands.

While too small of grip will promote a “wristy” downswing, too large of grips will deter the wrists from releasing through the impact zone. If you have not re-gripped your clubs recently, you should do this every 30 rounds or so. Playing with worn or slippery grips can cost you 2-6 strokes a round!!




Club Building

At Golf Etc. we build each club to the exact length, weight, and flex as determined by our Performance Analysis. The most important part of your equipment is the golf shaft. It is the only moving part in the club. The correct length, weight, and flex will give you the consistency, accuracy and distance you need to play better golf and have more fun! By building each club to the exact flex throughout your set, you can take the same swing with each and every club in your bag with the confidence that you will get the same result each time. We frequency match each club so that your clubs are within a tenth of a flex. Because each club head has a different weight, and is drilled to a different hosel depth, cutting the shafts to a manufacturer's standard will not give you the correct flex.


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