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    Hirzl Gloves are now sold at Port Royal Golf Shop!!!

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  • Jumbo Max! Golf Etc is Bermuda's Exclusive Distributor

    Jumbo Max!! Golf Etc is Bermuda's Exclusive Dealer.

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Golf Etc

Bermuda is an accredited Performance Fitting Center. We offer an alternative to “big box” sporting goods stores, common in Myrtle Beach,  with our personal approach and proprietary Better Golf Faster software. Our goal is to put the right, fitted clubs in every golfer's hands. In addition to performance club fittings, professional repair centers, and club/swing evaluations, Golf Etc. also offers pro-line equipment, bags, gloves, balls, apparel, accessories and more. If you’re looking for that perfect club, we fit your game. 


Better Golf...Faster

Most golfers want to achieve improvement as fast as they can in order to enjoy the game and achieve better scores. At Golf Etc. we believe that three things are required to dramatically improve or transform your game: 1) proper swing technique, 2) practice, and 3) the right equipment for your swing and game objectives. Because taking lessons and practicing more takes a substantial amount of time, equipment that is fitted to your natural swing can help you play better golf almost immediately. Whether you are a beginner or just trying to get better, we can help you play better... FASTER!


Fitting You with the Right Clubs

At Golf Etc. we take a different approach.  We firmly believe that a golf shop's recommendations should not be based on quotas, incentives or personal preferences. Instead the right club is the one that fits your unique golf game. That's why our first step in fitting you with the right club is a complete evaluation of your swing. Using our proprietary software system and the latest simulator and launch technology, we develop an accurate profile of your specific abilities and tendencies. We use this data to select the best golf clubs AND the right combination of club shaft, head, and grip to fit your game.


Selecting the Right Ball

With the right ball you can gain more control and more yards. Spin rate, launch angle and ball speed all make a difference to your game. That’s why Golf Etc. is committed to fitting you with the right golf ball, in addition to the right club. We analyze the effect your swing has on your ball flight. Then we match you with the best ball for your game. 


Club Repairs

Golf Etc. provides on-site full service club repairs. From high-tech repairs to simple re-gripping, all of our work is performed in a timely manner, with a guarantee on workmanship and materials. We treat your clubs as if they were our own.


Our club repair services include:

  • Re-grip – size matters and is a big part of fitting; arthritic grips are also available.
  • Re-shaft – fitting into the correct shaft for you can add distance
  • Spine alignment – a frequency evaluation will let us know if your club can be improved with spine alignment 
  • Loft & lie – this is a must; most clubs on the rack need adjusting to fit you
  • Frequency – we find the exact mathematical measurement of a golf shaft’s stiffness to help us maximize club head speed
  • Frequency matching – using frequency, we can create a logical progression of CPMs from club to club within a set of clubs, so each club will feel and respond identically
  • Club set-up – get the works if you want to play your best 


Take your game to the next level - and play better golf, faster! Call us at 542 GOLF (4653) to schedule a fitting or repair.

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